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Personalised flat lace 120 x 120 mm R40-00 Grey/brown/white
Rounded unglazed 110 x 100 x 30 mm R45-00 White

Bowls & plates
Lace 180 mm R70-00 Grey/brown/white

Lace 160 mm R45-00 Grey/brown/white

Lace 160 x 80 mm (h x w) R80-00 Grey/brown/white

Christmas decorations
Deck the halls with our range of white angels, hearts, stars, bells, trees, snowmen, and birds. Sizes range from 45mm to 110 mm and prices from R5-00 to R15-00. 

Soap dishes
Heart 110 x 120 mm R45-00 Grey/brown/white
Leaf 140 mm R45-00 Grey/brown/white

insense burners
Rose 80 mm R25-00 Grey/brown/white
Heart/Rose 70 x 70mm R30-00 Grey/brown/white

aroma burners
Dumpy 110 x 90 mm (h x w) R34-00 White
Dice 95 x 85 mm (h x w) R38-00 White